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Our ACTS Team has just selected TWO families in need!
Meet Kalani and Silas.


If you would like to help, donations can be made at any of our events
or mailed to P.O. Box 1461, Duncan, OK 73534. Thank you!

Kalani is a one-year-old girl in OKC that was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. She has already had four surgeries, a cardiac arrest, an ecmo stroke, seizures and a brain bleed. Right now she is out of the hospital but will face more heart surgeries in the future and probably ultimately need a heart transplant.

Silas is a one-year-old boy from Marlow that was just recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma Cancer. He has two tumors in his brain, one on a main artery and a large mass on his stomach. He has completed several rounds of chemo already but has more chemo and radiation to go.

Preceding VHR Families

Lincoln Harrell
4 months old
October, 2022
Jeremy Murillo
2 years old
August, 2023

A little bit about Jeremy:

In this picture he is 2 years old. At birth he was diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome. This condition results in abnormal development of the eye, ear and spine. He has complex congenital heart disease and has had multiple strokes and seizures. He has cerebral palsy, kidney and urinary tract disorders. He has significant upper airway obstructions requiring oxygen supplementation and is also J tube dependent for his nutritional needs. He will also require additional heart surgeries in the next few years.

Tucker Stephens
3 years old
June, 2022
Trea'von Tookes
15 years old
March, 2022
Alexus Campbell
15 years old
March, 2022
Kamdin Jones
4 years old
December, 2021
Eli Strutton
4 years old
August, 2021
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